Retrospective 28 March: the energy system of the future and today's innovation

On Tuesday 28 March, the theme day 'Large-scale generation and storage' took place at Campus@Sea. The day was organised from the Energy and Climate (E&K) Programme, which helps companies from the South Holland region to realise sustainable innovation. The aim of the day was to engage with stakeholders in the field to learn more about the opportunities and challenges around grid congestion and the energy system of the future. From the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE), Peter van Hooft (director) was allowed to participate in the panel discussion together with Stedin and Huntsman.

Important role of energy storage

Energy storage is a hot topic. This was already evident from the session by FLIE and Energy Storage NL on 20 March. This was also underlined by the attendance of some 30 entrepreneurs, industry organisation Enegy Storage NL and grid operator Stedin. During the panel discussion, participants said they saw an important role for storage in combating grid congestion. This requires technological innovation (both hardware and software), but also transparency and willingness of end users and grid management. The biggest bottleneck that emerged in the panel was laws and regulations. Nevertheless, people also see a positive movement, in which the Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) is becoming more flexible and proactively thinking along with grid operators. Everyone agreed: cooperation remains essential on issues as complex as the energy system.  

About the Energy & Climate programme

The Energy & Climate innovation programme helps companies from the South Holland region to realise sustainable innovation. They do this partly by supporting entrepreneurs to test their innovation in a test environment relevant to them, such as the Fieldlab industrial electrification. As theme ambassador Power-to-X, the FIeldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) is closely involved in shaping the Innovation Programme Energy & Climate (E&K). Want to know more about the E&K Programme or the opportunities of electrification technology and energy storage? Then get in touch with us!  

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