Have you developed a sustainable technical solution and want to validate it in practice? Or do you want to investigate the feasibility of a new technology in your organisation? We support you in finding possible sources of funding, including subsidies. We are also happy to help you apply for these. On this page you will find examples of grant programmes FLIE collaborates with and you can fill in our funding scan. Want to know more? Then contact us.   

Energy & Climate (South Holland) 

The Energy & Climate (E&K) innovation programme helps companies from the South Holland region to realise sustainable innovation. One way they do this is by supporting entrepreneurs to test their innovation in a test environment relevant to them, such as FLIE.In total, the province of South Holland has made €1.35 million available for the third round of the Energy & Climate innovation programme. The fourth round is expected to open in January 2024.
Power-2-X: Electrification of industry 
One of the programme lines is Power-to-X: electrification of industry. Because FLIE has the best network in this and also the right capacity and expertise, we were appointed ambassador of this programme line. Last year, FLIE guided 5 of these projects; from submitting the grant, to supervising the projects. This involved a wide range of projects. Examples include: 

An example of an ongoing project we are supervising within this line isVSPARTICLE, in which a new production process for electro-catalytic membranes is being developed that can make hydrogen faster, cheaper and more sustainable, among other things. Want to know more? We would be happy to advise you! 

Ek3 Round 3 Vouchers Available

FUNDR Tool - Grant advice 

Want to know which grant scheme could potentially help support your project? Then fill in the scan below, which we have set up in collaboration with FUNDr. Based on the data entered, you will receive tailor-made advice without any obligation.