Direct Carbon Immobilization (DCI)

Technology information

DOPS Recycling Technologies B.V.'s Direct Carbon Immobilisation(DCI) is a thermal-chemical separation technology that can separate waste into usable fractions, allowing more raw materials to remain in use.

This technology is of particular interest to parties who have to pay a lot of money to have their waste processed.

(rest)afval verwerking Chemische scheidingstechnologie Productie van chemische grondstoffen Vergassing

For whom interesting

Technology Readiness Level 4/9
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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Advantages and disadvantages

  • Can separate hazardous or complicated waste into usable fractions
  • Energetically efficient
  • Because we can reach 1500 degrees Celsius, it is possible to break down PFAS
  • Freeing up raw materials (solids and gas) from waste
  • Industrial process, not directly suitable for consumers
  • Waste treatment capacity Lab scale 5 to 15 kg/per day Pilot setup: 10 to 50 kg/h Demo (commercial): from 500 kg/h
  • Construction material The reactor consists of a core of refractory material and an envelope of steel.
  • Products Syngas, solids, salts from gas cleaning
  • Suitable for Waste now incinerated or permanently stored
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