Combined Heat and Power Storage

Technology information

Brayton Battery’s electro-thermal energy storage technology is a fully mechanical solution that stores heat and electricity and provides shippable heat and electricity. It can recover and store (high temperature) heat from an industrial process, excess renewable generation or available cheap electricity from the grid. During peak times in grid demand, the system generates electricity, so that customers do not have to pay a premium for peak-priced grid power. In addition, the KuneVerda/Kaaj ES-CHP can supply stored useful heat to industrial processes. The mechanical ES-CHP solution is reliable, has a long service life (resulting in low energy costs), is scalable and can be used in all climates.

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Technology Readiness Level 7/9
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

Interesting for

  • Required residual heat Preferably higher temperatures (above 300 degrees Celsius)
  • Storage temperature Optimal 600 degrees

Pros and cons

  • Low payback period
  • Higher initial costs
  • Energy storage Greater than 10 MWh
  • Capacity expansion Relatively cheap
  • Storage medium Rock particles
  • Output Both heat and electricity
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