What is possible on FLIE's three test lines?

Read it in our new product flyers

What is possible on the three test lines at the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification pilot test site? Read about it in our product flyers.

We are extremely proud that our pilot test site is under construction and by mid-2022 the first projects can start on one of our three test lines. A pilot at the Fieldlab helps to understand how electricity can be used to make specific industrial processes more sustainable. This form of testing is interesting for industrial end-users who want to implement new technologies, but also for technology providers who want to demonstrate their innovations. You can read more about the testing opportunities within our various production lines in the flyers below.

Production line 1: Indirect CO₂ conversion

Indirect CO₂ conversion is a promising technology to reduce CO₂ emissions in industry, while providing an option for chemical storage of renewable electricity. The synthesis of chemicals, using captured CO₂ as a carbon source and green hydrogen produced by water electrolysis, would enable the sustainable production of e-fuels or synfuels. At FLIE, we offer a place to test and optimise the processes around indirect CO₂ conversion together with technology suppliers and industrial end-users. You can read all about it in our new flyer! Download it here.

Production line 2: Direct CO₂ conversion

FLIE provides a place to explore electrochemical conversion routes of CO₂ within a controlled environment. There will be pilot plants that will allow the industrial user or technology supplier to test two components. First, the production line will offer the opportunity to test the performance of an electrochemical stack reactor for the use of CO₂. In addition, it is possible to test the lifetime of electrochemical reactor components. For more information and technical specifications, click here for the flyer.

Production line 3: Power-2-Heat

A pilot within the third production line will allow project partners to better understand how electricity can be used for sustainable heat supply in industrial processes. This is of interest to industrial end-users who want to generate power from heat, but also to technology providers who want to demonstrate their innovations. To know more about the 2 Power-2-Heat set-ups in our pilot test centre look here.

Power2heat Flyer Screesnhot
Download the Power-to-Heat flyer
Screenshot Direct Co2 Conversion Flyer
Download the Direct Conversion Flyer
Screenshot Indirect Co2 Conversion Flyer 2
Download the Indirect Conversion Flyer

About the Fieldlab

The aim of the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification is to accelerate the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the value chains of the Rotterdam-Moerdijk industrial cluster. The Fieldlab can help companies in the process industry get started with industrial electrification by sharing unique knowledge and providing technical facilities to make innovative technologies market-ready. The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification is an iniative of Deltalinqs, FME, InnovationQuarter, Port of Rotterdam and TNO and is made possible by the European ERDF grant and Province of South Holland, Municipality of Rotterdam. Want to know more following these flyers? Getting started with our Fieldlab? Then contact us via info@FLIE.nl.

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