The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification has been appointed theme ambassador Power2X in the Energy and Climate innovation programme

The challenges of energy transition and industrial greening require commitment to large-scale renewal. The Energy & Climate innovation programme gives impetus to this renewal, by connecting and strengthening the many regional initiatives within these sustainability themes.

Part of this is the appointment of theme ambassadors, who will represent the programme lines. The ambassadors will be selected on capacity, network and expertise. The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification has been found to be leading on these criteria and will act as a catalyst within the programme line Industrie Power-2-X!

A theme ambassador has the following roles:

  • Theme leader on programme line content;
  • Liaison officer for programmes or activities outside the Fieldlab network in South Holland;
  • Assist in organising theme meetings and communication around the theme and programme.

Want to know more about our new role as theme ambassador and the Energy and Climate Programme? Then click here for more information.

Introduction Fieldlab Industrial Electrification

About the Fieldlab

Het doel van het Fieldlab Industrial Electrification is het versnellen van de ontwikkeling en implementatie van innovatieve technologieën in de waardeketens van het industriecluster Rotterdam-Moerdijk. Het Fieldlab kan bedrijven in de procesindustrie op weg helpen met industriële elektrificatie door unieke kennis te delen en technische faciliteiten te bieden om innovatieve technologieën marktrijp te maken. Het Fieldlab is een initiatief van Deltalinqs, FME, Port of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter en TNO. FLIE is mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Europese EFRO-subsidie en de steun van de overheid, Provincie Zuid-Holland en de Gemeente Rotterdam. Meer weten? Bekijk

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