Rotterdam students introduced to energy transition at port

Friday 5 November was all about getting to know the port of Rotterdam for the students of four minors within the energy transition theme! Over 120 students (divided into three groups) visited companies or received a guest lesson. The team from the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification had the honour of giving a guest lesson to students from the minors Electrical Power Engineering and Offshore and Construction of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The students were taken into the practical field by our speakers. For instance, Nicole Leclercq (of the Nextstep platform) explained how the current oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands can, in some cases, contribute to accelerating the energy transition. Guido Alessi (Elestor) and Timo Pauel (Quinteq Energy) took the students into the world of energy storage. An important solution to accelerate the energy transition. The students also actively engaged in various practical cases themselves. We were positively surprised by all the creative solutions and look back on a successful guest lesson with a lot of interest and interaction!

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