Matchmaking for a heat issue from Shell Chemie Netherlands

"Power2heat as a heat balance solution", the seminar organised by Fieldlab Industrial Electrification during the Industrial Heat & Power fair at Brabanthallen Den Bosch produced significantly more matches than expected. It was an energetic session with a lot of audience interaction. Shell Moerdijk presented a practical case study on making efficient use of waste heat. Tech companies Olvondo, Piller and Standard Fasel gave three diverse pitches in which they enthusiastically outlined their technological solutions. Both the case study and the pitches were well received by the audience; there were many substantive questions and critical comments, which in turn generated good conversations. This is exactly what we as a field lab stand for! Connecting technology and end-users to solve real-world issues. While Shell was given a moment to choose which technology provider they wanted to engage in further discussions with, Kuneverda and Kaaij took the audience through a business case on heat storage. It turned out that Kaaij and Shell have a lot of common ground and this resulted in another successful match for a follow-up appointment. TNO closed the presentation series with the latest developments and future prospects of heat pumps. During the denouement, Shell said it wanted to enter into talks with Piller to realise a solution in the short term; the solutions of the other technology providers seem promising in the longer term. The presentations and pitches from the entire seminar can be found here. Also have an electrification issue? Then contact us at

The programme

11:00 - Welcome and introduction Fieldlab Industrial Electrification by Josepha van Kollenburg

11:15 - Introduction case Power2Heat: Mechanical Vapour Recovery in a brownfield environment (Joep Kiewiet - Shell Chemie Nederland, Moerdijk)

11:30 - Start pitches innovative tech companies

12:00 - Presentation Kuneverda Business Case for Combined Heat & Power Storage Intro Ed van Dort (Kuneverda), followed by Reza Lotfalian (Kaaj energy)

12: 15 - Example project Industrial electrification in practice FLIE: Electrification of steam drives, project implemented in 2019 (Guillo Schrader - Shell Chemie Nederland, Moerdijk)

12:30 - TNO presentation Development of Industrial Heat Pumps by Robert de Boer

12:45 - Decision on choice of Power2heat solution

13:00 - End

Download the presentations here:

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