Informative webinar on Roadmap Electrification

On Monday 6 December, Deltalinqs organised a webinar on the recently published 'Electrification Roadmap'. This roadmap shows how the Netherlands can make use of its unique position to electrify industry on a large scale and was therefore a good occasion to inform Deltalinqs members about developments in this area.

In the first part of the webinar, Harry van Dijk explained the content and implications of this Electrification Roadmap. The implications of electrification in industry are huge: according to current estimates, 80 to 130TWh of industrial heat demand in the Netherlands will be electrified by 2050, equivalent to at least 60% of total industrial energy demand. Harry then told us that the roadmap outlines the conditions under which this potential can be unlocked and how the resulting electricity demand will affect the electricity sector and national CO2 emissions.

After this explanation, participants were asked via Mentimeter about the biggest barriers (both within and outside their company) to electrifying their processes and which CO2 reduction technologies companies want to adopt first.

Finally, Josepha van Kollenburg gave a presentation on how the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification can support companies in the port of Rotterdam in electrifying their processes. Besides connecting supply and demand for technology, the Fieldlab also conducts feasibility studies for companies in its Solution Centre. By mid-2022, the Fieldlab will have a demo site in the Botlek, where promising electrification technologies can be tested and further developed on an industrial scale on a number of test lines. In this way, the Fieldlab supports the search for the right 'technology-fit' for the electrification issues of industrial end-users.

The high turnout during the webinar indicates that the topic is alive and well. We therefore look back on a successful online meeting.

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