FLIE will help train people for industrial electrification

Industrial electrification has implications for the labour market. Namely, it is going to create even more job vacancies. And companies already have so much trouble getting employees. The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) is going to help with this.

In that context, FLIE, under the direction of the Deltalinqs Climate Program, recently wrote a report on the development of the Human Capital Agenda for industrial electrification within Rotterdam's Port Industrial Complex. Indeed, FLIE sees it as one of its tasks to support existing and future employees in their (re)education. In addition, FLIE is and will remain a matchmaker between industrial end-users and innovative technology suppliers and a physical place to test new technologies for industrial electrification and sustainability.

New skills

The report showed that the Rotterdam port area is particularly short of MBO and HBO graduates, including operators, electrical engineers and maintenance mechanics. In addition, it became clear that many companies understand that industrial electrification is indispensable, but find it difficult to make concrete which new skills of their employees are part of this. Therefore, they actually have very little insight into their future human capital needs.

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Cooperation between education and industry

One way to make those new skills concrete is closer cooperation between education and industry. Six parties, including Deltalinqs, recently joined forces for a labour market characterised by flexibility, sufficient qualified talent at all levels and attractive career opportunities. This Human Capital Coalition Energy Transition (HCCE) is a unique collaboration between business, government and education. FLIE seeks to connect to this.

Guest lectures and students

FLIE sees a role for itself in the Human Capital Agenda of the Economic Board Zuid-Holland, when it comes to issues surrounding industrial electrification in our region. This could include giving guest lectures and bringing in students to test out innovative ideas in the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification.

Download the report

The entire report is via this link download.

FLIE is a joint initiative of Deltalinqs, FME, Port of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter and TNO and is closely supported by the Province of South Holland, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the ERDF grant.

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