Making efficient use of waste heat? Join the Industrial Power2Heat challenge!

Do you want to efficiently use waste heat from your industrial process, but are still looking for the right solution? Then take part in the Industrial Power2Heat challenge! Through this challenge, you get the unique opportunity to present your issue to five innovative technology companies. During the Industrial Heat & Power fair on 12 October, they will pitch tailor-made solutions to balance your organisation's industrial heat management and reduce CO2 emissions.

What do you get as a case holder of the challenge?

  • You will receive custom-designed solutions from various technology experts in the market.
  • You will receive support from the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification.
  • You will have the opportunity to build a network with potential partners.
  • You get the chance to position yourself as a frontrunner in Power2heat.
  • You will receive free publicity through the channels of the Industrial Heat & Power fair and the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification.
  • The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification provides support for obtaining funding to realise this project.

What do we expect you to do as a participant?

  • You assemble a team of experts internally for the description of the case and the final assessment and guidance of the solution offered during the event.
  • You provide a clear case description on minimum one and maximum two a4. With sufficient context, technical parameters and KPI expectations.
  • You will present this case at the FLIE P2H event on 12 October between 11:00 and 13:00.
  • You guarantee to have at least one in-depth discussion with the providers of the chosen solution.
  • In case of a good match, FLIE will provide services such as: business development, funding, market communication.

Are you interested? Then get in touch via the form below or

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