Relive the European Industry & Energy Summit 2020

It has been a week since the European Industry & Energy Summit 2020. We participated in one of the online sessions, to talk about the way industrial electrification can contribute to the climate ambition while maintaining and growing industrial activities.

Jeroen van Woerden introduced the near future of the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification, an initiative by 5 founding partners to support the energy transition in Rotterdam Industrial harbour area in a practical way. TNO, Port of Rotterdam , InnovationQuarter, FME and Deltalinqs. The initiative is strongly supported by The city of Rotterdam and the province of South Holland.

With the fieldlab, we want to provide an environment that complies with the legislation, where companies can test in a scalable industrial environment. In this way companies can test and implement new technologies in a safe environment before they are really market ready.

Missed our live session? Click here to rewatch!

Jeroen Van Woerden Eies

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