Fieldlab Industrial Electrification signs contract for demo location at Plant One Rotterdam

Today Josepha van Kollenburg (Fieldlab Industrial Electrification) and Fer Klinckhamers (Plant One Rotterdam) signed the contract for a demo location to help accelerate the energy transition in industry. The location at Plant One Rotterdam will be operational from mid-2022. In this Fieldlab, technologies can be tested on an industrially relevant scale in a practical environment. Plant One Rotterdam is the knowledge and innovation center in Rotterdam-Botlek for testing and validating sustainable process technology on a semi-industrial scale.

We are looking forward to putting industrial electrification into practice at this location in the middle of the Botlek.

Josepha van Kollenburg – Director Fieldlab Industrial Electrification
Ondertekening Van Het Contract Flie En Plant One
From left to right: Josepha van Kollenburg (Director FLIE), Peter van Hooft (Operational Manager FLIE), Taco Boerstra (Innovation Manager) and Fer Klinckhamers (CCO Plant One Rotterdam)

The fieldlab as an accelerator of the energy transition

In February 2021, the Fieldlab started from the Solution Center at the RDM with advice to companies about financing and regulations and supervising feasibility studies. The demo location – where the Fieldlab will start operational in 2022 – is the first place in the Netherlands where industrial electrification technologies on this scale can be tested and further developed together with regional industry partners in an open innovation location. “We are looking forward to putting industrial electrification into practice at this location in the middle of the Botlek. Plant One Rotterdam is a good match with the Fieldlab because they help parties to demonstrate that their ideas are marketable. That is exactly what we stand for. Finding the right technology fit between technology suppliers and industrial end users,” says Director Josepha van Kollenburg. Fer Klinckhamers (CCO of Plant One Rotterdam) continues: “The activities from the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification are a nice addition to the topics we are already working on in practice. Think of circularity, sustainability, CO2 reduction… Together we can put the theme of Electrification better on the map. We are happy to use our expertise to achieve that goal.” The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification is a joint initiative of Port of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter, TNO, Deltalinqs and FME.

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The Fieldlab will contain three types of technologies that fit the cluster and that can be demonstrated in practice. This involves techniques in the field of industrial heat, integration of green hydrogen and direct conversion of CO2, all of which use sustainable electricity. Think of a flywheel that can supply, collect and store energy. Or a hybrid boiler, which can replace steam from natural gas with steam from sustainable electricity. With a diverse range of electrification solutions, the Fieldlab is the ideal location to find out what the right technology fit is for a company.

More information and contact
Companies that are interested or want to get started immediately with e-boilers, electric drives, heat pumps or other electrification solutions can contact the Fieldlab via

This field lab was made possible in part by ERDF subsidies and financial support from the government, the province of South Holland and the municipality of Rotterdam.

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