Invitation FLIE Theme and Networking Meeting 'Energy & Climate Innovation Programme' 17 March

The Energy & Climate Innovation Programme was set up to stimulate and realise more sustainable innovation regionally. The programme supports entrepreneurs to test their innovation in a test environment relevant to them, such as the Fieldlab Industrial Electrifcation (FLIE). In the FLIE Theme and Networking Meeting 'Energy & Climate Innovation Programme', together with the participants of the innovation programme, we look back on projects they have carried out with FLIE this year. How did they experience this? What did the organisation get out of this and what can we collectively learn from this? On 17 March, they will tell you all about it!

Entrepreneurs share their results and lessons

Besides the lessons from the entrepreneurs, we give a preview of what the new technical possibilities are within the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification. In addition, the Province of Zuid-Holland and InnovationQuarter will present what the financial opportunities are of the new third round of the Energy & Climate Innovation Programme. Indeed, from 21 March 2022, organisations can again apply for vouchers. We will conclude with a networking lunch, where there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the programme and meet innovative entrepreneurs.

The meeting will take place on 17 March from 9:30 am at FME in Zoetermeer. Will we see you on 17 March? You can register via this link.

The Energy & Climate Innovation Programme is an initiative of the Province of South Holland, MRDH, TNO and InnovationQuarter. Read all about it here. The Fieldlab is an initiative of Deltalinqs, FME, Port of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter and TNO and aims to support the energy transition in the Rotterdam Industrial Port Area in a practical way. Read on our website more on how we do this.

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The programme

  • 9:30 Walk-in, opening introduction
  • 10:00 Preview of FLIE
  • 10:15 Entrepreneurs share lessons and results
  • 10:45 Announcement Round 3 innovation programme E&K
  • 11:05 Entrepreneurs share lessons and results
  • 11:50 Questions
  • 12:00 Lunch with networking opportunity

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