'Power-to-chemical' new holy grail electrification industry

Nieuwsblad Transport in conversation with Peter van Hooft (Director FLIE)

'Power-to-chemical' new holy grail electrification industry

Without electrification, the port of Rotterdam and its industries cannot meet the CO2-targets. How steps can be taken in this, that is what the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE), among others, is working on. Director a.i. Peter van Hooft: 'We test new Power-2-X technologies on an industrially relevant scale to accelerate the energy transition in industry.'

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Peter Van Hooft

Getting started with FLIE

A pilot at FLIE helps to understand how electricity can be used to make specific industrial processes more sustainable. This type of testing is of interest to industrial end-users looking to implement new technologies, as well as technology providers looking to demonstrate their innovations. On this page read more about the testing opportunities within our various production lines.

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