Fieldlab Industrial Electrification ready for next phase

The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) has completed an important phase under the leadership of director Josepha van Kollenburg. Josepha will hand over the baton to Peter van Hooft, FLIE's current Operations Manager, in July 2022.

Fieldlab Binnen2

Since its establishment, the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) has evolved considerably. From an office at Heijplaat near RDM Rotterdam in February 2021, to an office and pilot environment in the Botlek at Plant One Rotterdam early this year, FLIE has now entered another important transition phase. "With its physical test location right in the heart of industry in the Port Industrial Complex Rotterdam, the Fieldlab has everything it needs to contribute to the required acceleration in industrial electrification," said Josepha.

Josepha van Kollenburg has worked assiduously over the past year to further develop FLIE and put the Fieldlab more clearly on the map as a player in the electrification of industry. From now on, she will be looking for a new challenge that matches her ambitions focused on strategy, sustainability, policy and communication. A successor will be sought within the partnership in the coming period. Until then, Peter van Hooft will fulfil the role of ad interim director.

We wish Josepha every success in the next step in her career and thank her for her dedication and commitment.

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