FLIE @ EIES 2021

During the European Industry & Energy Summit 2021 Fieldlab Industrial Electrification will show the audience a users case with polypropylene producer Ducor. By replacing a reboiler and propylene heater by a heat pump, Ducor can utilize a part of 3,5 megawatt of excess heat. But will those savings contribute to a positive business case? Find out at the 8th of December in Rotterdam Ahoy.

Polypropylene granulate producer Ducor produces about 3,5 megawatt of excess heat by cooling down its granulate. The company decided to investigate the possibilities of utilizing this energy. The sustainability study highlighted the installation of a heat pump to prevent steam usage for a reboiler and propylene heater. The seven years payback time of the heat pump was a challenge for the business case. The only way to address this is to lower the costs or to utilize more excess heat.

Fieldlab Industrial Electrification challenged the market to pitch their solutions to Ducor and promises to help the innovators with business development, funding and marketing communication. Any one can join the meeting to hear what solutions the innovators come up with and the trends that FLIE sees in industrial electrification.



  • 11:00 Welcome and introduction Josepha van Kollenborg – director Fieldlab Industrial Electrification
  • 11:10 Introduction case Ducor Rens van Leuken (Ducor)
  • 11:25 Start Pitches innovative Tech Companies
  • 12:00 Presentation by Robert Geurts from the Province South-Holland
  • 12:15 Choise solution by Ducor
  • 12:30 Closing FLIE