DCP Webinar Electrification

Online via MS Teams

Dutch industry is on track to be climate neutral by 2050. Electrification in industry will play an important role in this. The recently published Electrification Roadmap shows how the Netherlands can make use of its unique position to electrify industry on a large scale.

The Electrification Roadmap was developed at the request of the Power-to-Industry working group, commissioned by the Industry and Electricity Implementation Tables under the Climate Agreement; Deltalinqs was also represented in the accompanying steering committee.

The implications of electrification are large: According to current estimates, 80 to 130TWh of industrial energy demand in the Netherlands will be electrified by 2050, equivalent to 60% of total electricity demand. Already before 2030, the potential for industrial electrification is high. Furthermore, this Electrification Roadmap outlines the conditions under which this potential can be unlocked and how the resulting electricity demand will affect the electricity sector and national CO2 emissions.

In this webinar, aimed at educating the energy-intensive industry in the region, Harry van Dijk explains the content and implications of this Electrification Roadmap. Following this, Josepha van Kollenburg presents the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification, in which she discusses the support the Fieldlab can offer to companies in the port of Rotterdam.
The webinar will be interactive, and there will of course be plenty of room for questions. Would you like to participate? Then sign up for this webinar now.

Alice Krekt, programme director

this webinar is organised for members of Deltalinqs


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