New subsidy vouchers available for feasibility and pilot studies via the Energy & Climate innovation program!

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to investigate the feasibility of a solution in the field of electrification in industry? Until October 13, 2022, it is again possible to apply for a subsidy from the Energy & Climate innovation programme. These are vouchers with a value of up to € 100,000. The vouchers can be used for hours and materials during a feasibility study or the testing of an innovation in a field lab or in practice. With this arrangement, the program encourages companies to collaborate with field labs and applications by developing what is currently the greatest need in the region.

Ek Vouchers 3 Tranche 2

Earlier this year, six projects started under the scheme. It is not the first time that the program has made vouchers available. This project overview shows which projects have already obtained a voucher. The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) supervised 5 of these projects last year; from submitting the subsidy to supervising the projects. This involved a wide range of projects. Consider, for example, an application study into a high-tech flywheel, which can help with more efficient energy storage. Or a feasibility study into a steam compression heat pump for the process industry.

How can I submit my project?

In total, the province of South Holland has made € 1.25 million available for Energy & Climate in this phase, of which this second opening is € 300,000 in the form of vouchers for innovation projects. SMEs and field labs can form a project consortium (together with chain partners) and submit their project plan via this page. After October 21, the submitted project proposals will be assessed and a selection will be invited for a pitch in November. At the beginning of December, it will be announced which projects can start with a subsidy in May.

Make use of the Fieldlab Structure

The South Holland region already has a unique number of fieldlabs and other innovation locations where sustainable innovations are tested. One aim of the program is to strengthen this special ecosystem by coordinating activities and projects and by sharing knowledge. In this way we hope to prevent the proliferation of individual initiatives and to join forces on the most important tasks.


The program focuses on four themes that are important for our region. Only projects that contribute to at least one of these themes are eligible for a subsidy. One of the program lines is Power-to-X: electrification of industry. Because Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) has the best network for this and also the right capacity and expertise, the FLIE has been appointed ambassador of this program line. Are you still looking for the right partners for your research? Could you use help with submitting the grant application or are you looking for project support? Then contact us. We are happy to help you!

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About FLIE

FLIE is the place where the industry can gain knowledge about the potential of electrification, test new technology and prepare it for implementation. FLIE is a joint initiative of Deltalinqs, FME, Port of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter and TNO and is closely supported by the Province of South Holland, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the ERDF subsidy and Plant One Rotterdam BV.

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