Electricity from residual heat – FLIE Matchmaking on Recharge Earth September 8, 2022

Does your organization have a good solution for efficiently using heat from vapor streams in the chemical industry? Then we would love to see you as a pitcher during Recharge Earth on September 8! During our Matchmaking session we bring industrial supply and demand together. Read more about the services of the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification here.

Practical case on the application of residual heat introduced by Indorama

Indorama Ventures Europe – a sustainable chemical company with activities in PET – is preparing an ambitious steam recompression program to replace the existing CHP plant at its production site in Europoort. Since a stable supply of electricity is essential for the plant, Indorama is looking for ways to convert energy contained in the vapor streams into electricity. Read the complete issue with technical specifications here. We are looking for innovative tech suppliers who can offer a solution for this. They will have the opportunity to pitch this solution during Recharge Earth.

What can you expect as a pitcher?

  • You will have the opportunity to expand your network.
  • You will have the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in Power-2 heat.
  • You will receive free publicity through the channels of Recharge Earth and the Industrial Electrification Field Lab.
  • In the event of a match, the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification provides support for obtaining funding for the realization of this project.

Successful previous editions with a lot of interaction and new connections

Rens van Leuken (Ducor)

Rens van Leuken (Operations Manager at Ducor Petrochemicals) said the following after their participation in 2021:

“During the FLIE Matchmaking Event during the EIES 2021, we as Ducor were given the opportunity to present our heat issue to technology suppliers. The result: four interesting pitches, each with a different angle. This gave enough reason to continue discussions with each other for a suitable solution. I would definitely recommend organizations that are looking for the right technology fit for their sustainability issue to contact the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification.”

What do we expect from you?

  • You will put together a team of experts internally for the description of the solution and the presentation during the event on September 8 at 15:30.
  • This pitch (with of a maximum of 5 minutes) will be shared with the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification before 1 September.
  • You guarantee to hold at least one in-depth interview with the case holder.
  • FLIE will provide services if there is a good match, such as: business development, funding, marketing communication.


15:30 – Welcome and introduction Fieldlab Industrial Electrification
15:40 – Introduction case Indorama
15:50 – Start pitches innovative tech companies (maximum 4 organizations) including questions from the end user and the public
16: 20 – Denouement case Indorama choice solution
16:30 – Closing

Will we see you on Recharge Earth?

Will you take this opportunity to pitch your technology during our event? As a pitcher you get free access to the Recharge Earth fair on September 8th. Are you interested in participating in our event as a pitcher? Then please contact us before August 24 via officemanager@flie.nl.

Campagnebeeld 2022

Accelerating the energy transition during Recharge Earth 2022

On 7 and 8 September 2022, Rotterdam Ahoy will form the backdrop for Recharge Earth for the second time. This sustainable energy conference brings business, government and science together to share knowledge, devise solutions for accelerating the energy transition and establish partnerships. For more information on the full conference program, keynote speakers and themes, visit http://www.recharge-earth.com.

Will we see you during the FLIE Matchmaking session on September 8 from 15:30 to 16:30? Sign up for Recharge Earth at https://www.recharge-earth.com/congress/practical-information.

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