FME Environment and Energy webinars

Every year FME organizes information meetings Environment & Energy. In two mornings you will be fully informed about the most important developments in the field of the environment and energy.

Program 17 May | Theme Energy and Climate

8:25 AM Reception 

8:30 AM Opening and explanation of the program
8:35 am Energy (price) crisis and European Energy Policy
The energy transition leads to structurally higher costs. The war in Ukraine amplifies this effect and the transition from (Russian) gas to other sources. Overview of measures at EU and NL level.
By Robert van Beek, FME

9:30 am Energy management 
What are the options? What does that yield and how do I go about it? 
By Frank van Oers, Energy Services  
10:30 Match supply and demand in the region
March 2022, the Cluster Energy Strategy of Cluster 6 was published. This provides insight into the supply and demand of energy at a regional level. 
By Aaldrik Haaijer, Cluster 6  

11:30 Sustainability through heat pumps
Heat pumps for consumers and industrial are becoming increasingly important. What can be done now? Business case, subsidy and how do the products themselves become more sustainable? 
By speaker NVKL

12:30 Closing meeting 

Program 18 May | Theme Environment and Circularity

8:25 AM Reception

8:30 am Opening and explanation of the program 
8:35 am Sustainable products Initiative part 1: what’s coming our way 
On 29 March 2022, the European Commission announced the Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI) launched. This consists of the successor to the Replace Ecodesign Directive. SPI also forms the basis for the future Digital Product Passport (DPP) and the Extension of Producer Responsibility.
By Robert van Beek, FME

9:30 am Sustainable products Initiative part 2: requirements for companies 
In the second part further explanation of the effects of SPI on companies.  
By Bert Nagtegaal, FME 

10:30 am Environment Act
There will be no adjustment from postponement. The law is to enter into force in 2023. After a short introduction about the state of play in terms of implementation, we will discuss: energy saving, DSO and safety theme, et cetera. 
By Jeanette Levels, bureau LBP Sight
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11:30 Extended Producers Responsibility  
Companies must make their production process more sustainable and their products and pay for this. The costs will increase sharply at various implementing organizations such as St. OPEN for E-waste and Afvalfonds Verpakkingen for Verpakkingen.  
By Robert van Beek, FME         

12:30 Closing meeting 

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